About Us: Sewing On Central

Stitching is the method of bind or attach things using stitches made with a spine and thread. It is seems like sewing is an ancient cloth art and rising in the Palaeolithic age. Prior to the invention of mix yarn or weaving textile most of all archaeologists believe  that stone age group people across Asia and Europe sewed fur and skin clothing using bone, antler or ivory needles. In addition to thread made of different mammal deceased parts together with muscle, catgut, and veins.
First of all we want to inform you that pertaining to hundreds of years, all sewing was created by hands. While the innovation of the stitch machine in the 19th century and the rise of computerisation in the 20th century to mass production and export of sewn items, however hand sewing is still practised throughout the humankind. Hence here is our short detail about us.

Curious to know about us? we devote ourselves in working with small businesses. In addition to new startup companies & professional sewing. Therefore huge and miniature orders are always welcome. We handle different kinds of textiles such as cotton, polyester, nylon, rayon and almost spandex, plus more. Hence our goal is to give timely deliveries and fame for your stitched products. We would be happy to choose your next order with us good and useful experience.


SewingOnCentralis is an  independent business. Most of our clients find us through friends and family, and go back time and again. You can contact us or stop by – we would be happy to help you with your customised material project!